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Johnny Reinhard, the guru of microtonal bassoon gives concerts in Helsinki on 25th to 28th of August

Bassoonist and composer Johnny Reinhard, one of the front figures of experimental microtonal
music in the United States of America, arrives to Helsinki with violinist Dan Auerbach to give three
concerts in the end of August.

Both Reinhard and Auerbach are specialized on microtonal music. Reinhard is known for the
development and use of a tuning with 128 tones in octave, on which most of the tour program is

The visit consisting of three concerts begins the concert series titled Avautumisia (Openings’),
celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Korvat auki (‘Ears Open’) contemporary music association.
Besides Reinhard and Auerbach, the improvisation-focused Korvat Auki Ensemble is performing on
the three concerts titled Johnny & 128. Korvat Auki Ensemble gained wider attention with its
performance with Jan St. Werner in Musica nova Helsinki Festival last February.

The concerts are set in atmospheric locations around Helsinki: Space for Free Arts (25th), Arkadia
Bookshop (26th) and Hietsun Paviljonki (28th of August) and feature several premieres, of which
Juhani Vesikkala’s Avalokiteshvara for solo bassoon and a 128 tone extended version of Juhani
Nuorvala’s ambient classic Toivo represent music by Finnish composers.

Is music a borderless land?


Canadian singer Sarah Albu and impro group Korvat Auki Ensemble meet for a bird’s eye trip above physical borders, through the apolitical summer air.
Korvat Auki Ensemble brings its bass power to new levels.
The concert will be held at Galleria Forum Box on Tue 22.8.2017 at 7 pm. Entrance is free for members of the Korvat auki -society.

Korvat auki

Society for contemporary music

Korvat auki (’Ears Open’) is a society of young composers and contemporary music enthusiasts based in Finland. We seek to open the auditive landscape with our concerts and other events as well as open the door into composers’ chambers. We cast a spotlight onto the sounding arts lying in the blindsides and rabbit holes.

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