Korvat auki (‘Ears Open’) is a society of young composers and other contemporary music enthusiasts based in Finland that promotes oeuvre of its members and works for a more vital and diverse music culture. The society, a platform for young composers’ experimentation, strives to find those paths and hidden corners of auditive art that the more established institutions are not interested in looking for.

The association was founded 1977 by young composition students who were dissatisfied of the dull and outdated music life in Finland. Many of the activists of the first years have later received international fame. Every new generation has brought its own goals and spirit to the society. During the 21st century, Korvat auki has become more and more international and esthetically diverse.

Today, Korvat auki lives a new heyday. The association produces up to 10 concerts and other new music events every year. Multidisciplinary collaboration and improvisation are significant focuses of recent years.

Korvat Auki Ensemble is a group performing improvised and experimental music. The ensemble was found in spring 2013 by composer-musician members of Korvat auki (‘Ears Open’) association, striving to find a path towards an all-encompassing way of enacting one’s musicianship and exploration of limits beyond conventionality.

Focused mostly on free and concept-based improvisation, Korvat Auki Ensemble has performed in various environments including bars, a chapel, an old villa and the occupied university building Porthania, and collaborated with stage poets, visual artists as well as with contact improvisation dancers. In July 2014, the ensemble performed at the Time of Music Festival, Viitasaari, and, in August 2015 at the Flow Festival, Helsinki. In April 2016, the ensemble will cause public sound interventions during Tampere Biennale Festival.

Korvat auki ry

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Niilo Tarnanen



+358 50 549 8089

Korvat Auki Ensemble

c/o Sebastian Dumitrescu

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00420 Helsinki


Sebastian Dumitrescu

coordinator, Korvat Auki Ensemble


Board 2016-2017


Niilo Tarnanen


collaboration proposals
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Heidi Hassinen

Vice chairperson



Juhani Vesikkala




Tuomas Kettunen


billing and expenses


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Vice board member


Join to be a member


Dear current or becoming member of Ears Open! Our season is August 1 to July 31. Your membership benefits for this season are activated after paying the respective fee. You can join by paying the membership fee and filling the form at: http://eepurl.com/bWh5Sz.

The benefits:

  • free entrance to all our concerts and other public events
  • possibility to participate in calls for scores
  • access to free tickets to e.g. FRSO concerts (more detailed info comes later)
  • you may attend our autumn and spring meetings, making decisions on our activity.

The extra benefit for support members:

  • you get your name mentioned by all our concerts and other public events.

For a fourth year, we now offer the possibility to join Ears Open as a support member. Our regular membership fees are modest compared to some other societies in order to make young members’ participating more affordable. However, for those who are not alienated by a slightly bigger fee, we offer a possibility to small scale sponsoring by becoming a support member. The annual fee for support members is 50 euros or bigger amount of your choice. The Ears Open board is very grateful for your support.

If there is anything you would like to ask considering membership fees, please, don’t hesitate to ask the treasurer, tuomas@korvatauki.net!


Payment details

Receiver: Korvat auki ry

Account (IBAN): FI10 8000 2005 1870 09

Reference nos:

  • students 1614
  • other normal members 1627
  • support members 1630


  • students 15,00 €
  • other normal members 25,00 €
  • support members (minimum) 50,00 €

Highlights of season 2015-2016

Features characteristic to “Korvat” were continued during season 2015-2016, and between them new directions were listened out for. Music was presented in new forms and the participant and  the audience bases expanded. Fruits of our societys collaboration with festivals could be enjoyed in Tampere Biennale–, Time of Music–, Kolíbri– ja Flow –festivals. Small-scale co-operations were practiced with Synkooppi society, Tampering ry, Tölölab, Laponia Improvisations ja Ung Nordisk Musik Finland.

We supplied our member’s music to concerts for Sibelius Academy of The University of the Arts Helsinki, “Chamber music of our time” concert by Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and Icon Arts -residence in Romania.

As examples of our international activity could be mentioned session together with improvisational group from St. Petersburg, and visits by Canadian cellist-composer Émilie Girard-Charest, and Iranian santur player Pooyan Ataei and conductor Arash Yazdan. Even though undoubtedly the most demanded part of our activities takes place in Helsinki centre, accompanied from time to time by cultural export to Helsinki’s further areas, in whole Finland the society’s activity doesn’t restrict to the capital region. Thanks to our member’s contacts, activities took place also around the country, as in Kokkola, Tampere and Viitasaari.

Preparations were also started for upcoming 40th anniversary year’s diverse event series.

Our growth isn’t limited by even geography – proof of which are our new website and the blog earconditioned, which was opened during the spring 2016 and is aimed for small and dedicated group of international readers interested in new music.

For many achievements the recognition belongs in addition to our members productivity in composition, to our performing and improvising members in Korvat Auki Ensemble, which has developed steadily since it’s inception in 2013.

In the end of the season the society had 109 members and 8 of them represented as the proper members of the board.