Breaking Ground: Songlines & Nordic Lights Concert

By Pauli Uusitalo, Wilma Pistorius, Nino Hakansson, Anna Hakula and Niilo Junnikkala

The evening’s concert marks the culmination of the Korvat auki and Ensemble Offspring’s mini festival, presenting a confluence of musical compositions that transcend borders.

Korvat auki, is a Finnish society dedicated to the promotion of contemporary music. With young composers at its helm, Korvat auki seeks to expand the auditive horizon by spotlighting hidden gems in the musical arts.

By organising concerts and events, we endeavour to unveil the creative nuances behind composers’ chambers and open the door to diverse auditory experiences.

Joining us is Australia’s Ensemble Offspring, making their European return after a hiatus since 2019.

Under the guidance of percussion maestro Claire Edwardes, the ensemble, which includes the talents of Nardi Simpson in acknowledgment of country vocals, brings fresh compositions from both Australian and Finnish composers to the stage. 

The quintet’s array of instruments – flute, clarinet, cello, and percussion – serves as a backdrop to the evening’s focus: the music of Aboriginal-Australian artists.

These melodies, enriched by themes of nature and birdsong, offer Helsinki audiences a meeting point of two cultures, where the ancient songlines of Australia harmonise with the ethereal Nordic lights of Finland.

Concert programme:

  • Nardi Simpson – Winangaylanha
  • Brenda Gifford – Bardju (Footprints)
  • Troy Russell – Nucoorilma (Apple Tree)
  • Hollis Taylor and Jon Rose – Araluen (Wintersun)
  • Brenda Gifford – Gambambarra (Seasons)
  • Hollis Taylor and Jon Rose – Bitter Springs Creek 2014 
  • Pauli Uusitalo – Oesophagus 
  • Wilma Pistorius – Mermaid Bubblegum 
  • Wilma Pistorius – Introductions 
  • Anna Hakula – Mist
  • Nino Hakansson – Faded stories are told in similar ways
  • Niilo Junnikkala – Broken Ground


Hietsun Paviljonki