Concert for piano and ai

Call for scores: A concert for AI & Piano


Korvat organizes an open call for unfinished piano scores, DL 31.1.2022.

About the project

Dear Korvat auki members,

Have you ever started writing a piece and got mid-way through and just got stuck – what to write next? Or perhaps you have some motif that has your earworm, but you just haven’t taken it further? A short improvisation that could be developed? 

Probably you too have that folder named “Piano” with tens of abandoned pieces… Korvat Auki calls for scores for a concert that will feature a series of unfinished piano scores that have been developed and completed by artificial Intelligence. The concert will be held during the spring season 2022. 

Are you interested?

If you would like to submit your score – please send to info[at] along with your name and phone number: PDF score of your unfinished composition and a MIDI file of your unfinished composition. The excerpt can be around 2-5 minutes. Indicate a style that you would like to fuse your excerpt with (e.g. Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Blue Grass, Lady Gaga, Beetles – the algorithm has been trained on a series of compositions, if we cannot find your top pick, we will select something similar).

Send these to on 31.1.2022 latest.

The group will then take your MIDI file and develop the piece with AI that will be transcribed, properly engraved and performed live in a concert. It’s experimental – so have fun.

Got any questions?

For questions, contact leevirasanen[at]

📸 Photo: Ariana Yekrangi