Helsinki Polytopes Concerts: Mustavuori Cave Project

By Eeva Sarlin, Finn Shields

The fourth piece in the series Helsinki Polytopes by Korvat auki and New Academy will be experienced in August 2021. Mustavuori Cave Project by Eeva Sarlin and Finn Shields will explore the Mustavuori cave, one of Eastern Helsinki’s ‘natural gems’: a 30-meter long tunnel carved through the bedrock with dramatic entrances on each side.

“What happens when music is taken out of conventional spaces? In the time of COVID-19, the entire “spatial contract” of society has been reassessed – what is the social and spatial form of music in 2021? “

“This piece is to be performed by a few musicians, who will be sat apart from each other, at various locations within the cave and just outside of it. This will enable the audience to walk amongst and between the musicians, experiencing new perspectives of the piece as they do. This placement can also be interpreted as a statement of musical life amidst a pandemic, with their acoustically-minded physical placements also representing social distancing.”

More information of the piece coming in spring 2021 – Follow the channels of Korvat auki to hear more about the piece!


Mustavuoren luola. Mustavuoren luonnonsuojelualue, Vuosaari.

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