Concert for piano and ai

Join us at Korvat auki’s piano and AI concert

Korvat auki invites you to our May concert, which features music created by Korvat auki composers, finished with the help of artificial intelligence and played by real pianists.

Where and when is the concert?

The concert will commence on Friday 13.05.2022 (16:30) at Musiikkitalo’s large recording room. Please register through the following form: Register here

Please meet us at Agora Lounge, in front of the Sibelius Library at 16:15, when the doors to the venue will open. 

Don’t know where Agora Lounge is? Check out this link:

How have we composed the music?

We used an open-source algorithm called MUSENET, which is a deep neural network that can generate compositions applying a variety of musician influences. The algorithm works by identifying patterns of harmony, rhythm, structure and style and learning to predict the next segment or “token” based on data. Data is in the form of a MIDI file. In this case, composers submitted unfinished compositions which were used to seed the subsequent generations (tokens) to complete the composition. Composers that submitted unfinished scores provided the styles/influences that they wanted on the AI-generated part of the music.nThese included a variety of styles and influences from Jazz, Radiohead, Mozart, Debussy and Stockhausen.

What is the Generative Art’s Café?

Korvat auki’s Piano and AI concert is part of Sibelius Academy’s music technology department; and the Generative Art Café, a community-building forum for practitioners of generative/algorithmic art. It is open to artists interested in presenting and sharing projects during the process of their development and creation, and for receiving peer feedback within a critical environment. The word ‘generative’ in the title refers to the fact that much art practice involves the application of computer techniques or programming.

Featured composers in no particular order

  • Ue Hang Wong
  • Ariana Yekrangi
  • Nuutti Huhtilainen
  • Rolf Gustavson
  • Otto Nuoranne
  • Sebastian Brenner
  • Pietari Kaasinen
  • Pauli Uusitalo
  • Leevi Räsänen
  • Aaron Ahola
  • Casimir Kytökorpi

Pianists: Lambis Pavlou and Niilo Junnikkala

Data generator and AI expert: Majella Clarke

Producers: Ariana Yekrangi and Finn Shields

Original graphic © Ariana Yekrangi
Variations using AI © Majella Clarke


Big recording room.