Korvat auki and Ensemble Offspring call for scores  


📸 Graphic: Ariana Yekrangi

Australia’s world renowned Ensemble Offspring are coming to Helsinki as part of their European tour, in collaboration with Korvat Auki.

We’re delighted to announce a two-part call for scores to our members:

1. Workshop with Ensemble Offspring and a leading Finnish Composer

We invite our members to submit pieces, or sketches for pieces, which will be played through by the ensemble and discussed openly with them and a leading Finnish Composer.

2. Concert with Ensemble Offspring

We invite our members to submit finished pieces which will be played in a concert by Ensemble Offspring. We ask these pieces not to exceed 10 minutes in length.

For both calls, you may use all or part of the following instrumentation: Percussion (including Vibraphone), Flute (doubling alto flute and piccolo), Clarinet (doubling bass clarinet), and Cello. You may also utilise electronics in the concert.

The deadline for both calls is 30th June 2023 at 23:59. You may apply for either or both parts of the call. Chosen applicants will be informed soon after the deadline.

To apply, please send your score (under a pseudonym) to info@korvatauki.net

Pieces that are not extremely complicated/difficult/requiring specialised rehearsal and/or equipment will be prioritised in the call, as the concert with Ensemble Offspring is a part of their European tour, for which they have a lot to play and a lot of collaborators.