Korvat Auki & Ensemble Offspring: Week of Music


We are delighted to announce a week-long celebration of music, hosted in collaboration between Korvat auki and Ensemble Offspring.

From enlightening lectures to enthralling concerts, the week promises a rich blend of Finnish and Australian artistic experiences.

Please use this link to reserve your seat: https://forms.gle/oiMryd8ETmdkm4gE7


15th September

Voices from Down Under: Nardi Simpson’s Lecture on First Nations Narratives

Red Earth & Luminous Horizons Concert

18th September:

Lecture by Nardi: Indigenous People’s Epistemic and Linguistic Diversity (This event is not open to the public)

  • Venue: Helsinki University room 404 lecture hall language centre Fabianinkatu 24 department of indigenous stories.
  • Time: 11:00-12:00

Korvat auki Composer’s Workshop with Lotta Wennakoski

19th September:

Nardi Simpson’s Performative Lecture: ‘-barra’

20th September:

Breaking Ground: Songlines & Nordic Lights Concert

It is our fervent hope that through these events, attendees will gain a deeper appreciation of the intricate tapestries of culture and music that both Finland and Australia have to offer.

Join us in this musical journey as we bridge continents and foster understanding through the universal language of music.

For further enquiries and information on the detailed programmes, kindly visit the respective event links provided. We look forward to sharing this musical odyssey with you.