Nardi Simpson’s Performative Lecture: ‘-barra’ at Hietsun Paviljonki

By Nardi Simpson

Presented as a performative lecture, ‘-barra’ invites attendees not just to listen, but to participate through song.

The event promises a deep dive into the heart of Yuwaalaraay Country, situated in North-Western New South Wales, Australia.

Indigenous Australian artist Nardi Simpson collaborates with the skilled instrumentalists of Ensemble Offspring to weave an intricate tapestry of storytelling, music, song and language.

This programme brilliantly encapsulates the many facets of Nardi Simpson’s expansive career – her roles as a singer-songwriter, storyteller, novelist, playwright, educator, choir-leader and chamber music composer converge to present an immersive experience.

Enriching this musical exploration are captivating projections, both still and moving, portraying the beauty and essence of Yuwaalaraay Country. As the images unfold, attendees are invited to lose themselves in music profoundly inspired by the land.

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Hietsun Paviljonki