NyNorsk Messingkvintett, Sean Bell & Liis Viira


Sunnuntai 20.10. Balderin sali


Liis Viira: There are so many insects…

2019, lauluäänelle ja vaskikvintetille

teksti Jaan Kaplinski, kääntäneet Jaan Kaplinski ja Fiona Sampson

The idea behind this composition is to transform the composers role by collaborating with the musicians of NyNorsk Messingkvintett and by playing with the aleatoric tools – in this case special playing cards created for this work. Jaan Kaplinski’s poem “There are so many insects this summer” depicts an idle summer day in the poets garden, where the sensitivity and awareness of the surrounding sound world has risen to a level where listening takes over other senses.
Liis Viira

There are so many insects this summer.
As soon as you go into the garden
a buzzing swarm of flies besieges you.
The bumblebees are nesting in boxes you made for birds,
the wasps have made their nests in hazel bushes.
And sitting at your desk in the attic room
you constantly hear a buzzing, and don’t know
whether it’s the sound of bumblebees, wasps,
electric wires,
a plane in the skies, a car on the road,
or the voice of life itself wanting to tell you something
from the inside, from your inner self.

Jaan Kaplinski: There are so many insects this summer

Tänä kesänä on todella hyönteisiä.
Heti asteltuasi puutarhaan
olet surisevan kärpäsparven piirittämä.
Kimalaiset ovat pesineet nikkaroimiisi linnunpönttöihin,
ja ampiaiset tehneet pesiä pähkinäpensaisiin.
Istuessasi pöydän ääressä ullakkohuoneessa
kuulet alituisen surinan, tietämättä kuuluuko ääni
kimalaisille vai ampiaisille,
lentokoneelle taivaalla, autolle tiellä,
vai itselleen elämälle, joka haluaa ilmaista jotakin
sisältäpäin, sisimmästä itsestäsi.

Suomennos, Arto Lappi

Tze Yeung Ho: Messe norvégienne profane

2019, kontratenorille, harpulle, vaskikvintetille, kaiuttimille ja yleisökuorolle

Written for and dedicated to Sean Bell, Liis Viira and Nynorsk messingkvintett, messe norvégienne profane (2019) is my attempt to reconcile my experiences in sitting through church sermons with a musical language derived from a text which reflects on the ritual from an irreligious perspective. In particular, the act of singing unfamiliar words of praise from the pews at the request of the pastor has inspired me to involve the audience in a way which reflects my experience of uncertainty. The text by Norwegian author Linda Gabrielsen, which emphasises on the element of doubt in belief, offers yet another layer to the questioning of this ritual.

Tze Yeung Ho

Nils Henrik Asheim: Hornflowers

2019, vaskikvintetille

In this piece, Nils Henrik Asheim wanted to avoid the compact, massive sound of a
brass ensemble by working with light, transparent material. He sketched out a series
of short, curved melodic patterns, mostly in a kind of augmented unison. The analogy
to hand-drawings of flowers came to his mind, and later in the process he chose to
pair the 22 musical episodes with specific plants from the Norwegian mountain flora.

The musicians read out the latin flower names during the performance, like a study
circle examinating the different categories of plants. But, more than being about
description of flowers in music, Hornflowers can be seen as celebrating the small but
important differences, the multitude and diversity of species.

Hornflowers is a commission from Nynorsk Brass Quintet, with support from the
Norwegian Cultural Fund, and was premiered in September 2019 in Bergen.

Þorkell Nordal: Circuit

2019 kantaesitys, harpulle ja vaskikvintetille

Lue Þorkellin haastattelu kappaleesta tästä.

Finn Shields: vaskikvintetto

2019 kantaesitys, vaskikvintetille

Lue Finnin haastattelu kappaleesta tästä.

Olli Moilanen: Rain Dance

2019 kantaesitys, vaskikvintetille


Sean Bell

Sean Bell, (1994-) countertenor, performs both early music, baroque and music from the classical epoque, as well as improvised music, contemporary music and re-arrangements. He also writes pop songs and has his own band. He works wih different ensembles, such as the ensemble +47, NyNorsk Messingkvintett, the chamber choir Ensemble 96, The Norwegian Soloist’s Choir, the vocal ensemble Oslo14 and his own vocal quintet Early Voices, which focuses on early music.

Sean Bell and NyNorsk Messingkvintett have worked together since 2017, having commissioned 5 works for countertenor and brass quintet by Norwegian composers.

Liis Viira

Liis Viira (b. April 7, 1983) is a composer, harpist, improviser and experimental animation maker. Her compositions are characterized by figurative thinking and translating the visual into music.

She has composed works for symphony orchestra, choir, big and small ensembles, vocalists and solo instruments. In addition to Estonia, Liis Viira’s works have been performed in Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Russia, Denmark, Italy, USA and Austria. She has performed her compositions herself on harp and piano.

At present Liis Viira is a freelance composer and harpist. She is a member of
unique sounding ensemble Una Corda (three plucked string instruments: harp,
kannel and harpsichord) and participates in many other solo and chamber music

NyNorsk Messingkvintett

NyNorsk Messingkvintett is a Norwegian professional brass quintet founded in December. The members are Erlend Aagaard-Nilsen, who works as a trumpet player in the Norwegian Radio Orchestra, and Jørgen Arnesen, Daniel Kjellesvik, Ingebjørg Bruket and Berger Iver Færder, all freelancers who have worked in orchestras and ensembles all over Scandinavia the last decade. The ensemble primarily focuses on contemporary music and crossover projects, and since their debut in 2016 they have premiered 16 commissions of Norwegian composers such as Nils Henrik Asheim, Therese Birkelund Ulvo and Marcus Paus.

They have cooperated with various artists, such as the mezzosoprano Tora Augestad, the countertenor Sean Bell, the actor Ivar Nergaard and the percussion trio Pinquins. They have performed at the Only Connect Festival of Sound (Oslo 2018) Brasswind (Bergen 2017) and Egil Hovland-festivalen (Fredrikstad 2018) and will perform at the Bergen Kirkeautunnale (church music festival) autumn 2019. In October 2019 the ensemble will make its first international tour to Helsinki and Tallinn. NyNorsk Messingkvintett is currently recording their first CD at LAWO Classics, with works by the Norwegian composer Nils Henrik Asheim. The CD will be released in 2020.

Ingrid Eliassen, trumpet. (born 1983) Ingrid works as a trumpet teacher at the Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø. The last years she has specialized herself on Norwegian music for trumpet, and has made many concerts as soloist and as a chamber musician. In 2018 she made a tour to the USA with Norwegian music for trumpet and piano, and autumn 2019 she will release a CD with new Norwegian works for trumpet and organ, together with organ player Bjørn Andor Drage.

Ingrid will join NyNorsk Messingkvintett as a substitute trumpet player (instead of regular player Erlend Aagaard-Nilsen) on their Baltic Tour in October 2019.

Jørgen Arnesen, trumpet. (born 1983) Jørgen studied classical trumpet with Kristian Steenstrup at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, Denmark, and with Jonas Haltia and Ole Edvard Antonsen at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo. From 2012 to 2016 Jørgen held the position as co-principal trumpet player in the Västerås Sinfonietta in Sweden. He currently works as a freelance trumpet player in Oslo.

Daniel W. Kjellesvik, french horn. (born 1985) Daniel studied french horn with Frøydis Ree Wekre at the Norwegian Academy of music in Oslo and with Markus Maskuniitty at the Hochschule für Musik und Teater Hannover. Since 2007 he has worked as a freelancer and has had long-term employments in Trondheim Symphony Orchestra and The Norwegian Army Band North. The last years he has had regular short-term employments in The Norwegian Radio Orchestra, The Norwegian Opera and Ballet,Trondheim Symphony Orchestra, The Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra, Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra, The Norwegian Wind Ensemble, Ensemble neon, The Arctic Sinfonietta, The Norwegian Air Force Band and The Royal Norwegian Navy Band. Daniel also works as a horn teacher at Norwegian summer academies for young wind players, and he also works as a composer.

Ingebjørg Bruket, trombone. (born 1983) studied with Professor Ingemar Roos at the
Norwegian Academy of Music. She works as a freelance trombonist and has had many long- term employments in orchestras as Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, (NO) Wermland Opera, (S) Aalborg Symphony Orchestra (DK) and Gävle Symphony Orchestra. (S) She has regularly short-term employments in orchestrasand ensembles like The Norwegian Opera and Ballett, The Norwegian Radio Orchestra, The Oslo Philharmonic, Oslo Sinfonietta and Ensemble Ernst. She has been employed as jury member of several Norwegian competitions for young wind players and also works as a conductor and a trombone pedagogue.

Berger Iver Færder, tuba. (born 1983) Berger studied tuba with Jens Bjørn-Larsen at the Royal Danish Academy of music in Copenhagen and with Torbjørn Kvist at Barratt Due Institute of Music in Oslo. He also completed pedagogical studies at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo. He has worked as a freelancer since 2008, and has had several long-term employments in orchestras like the Aalborg Symphony Orchestra, (DK) The South Jutland Symphony Orchestra, (DK) and Wermland Opera. (S) The last years he has recently had short-term employments in orchestras as The Norwegian Opera and Ballet, Stavanger Symphony Orcestra, The Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra, Kristiansand Symphony Orchstra and The Norwegian Wind Ensemble. Berger also works as a tuba teacher at the St Hallvard College of Music in Drammen, Norway, and has given tuba lessons at the Music Academy in Tromsø.