Tribute to Pan Sonic, 2019


kuva: Maarit Kytöharju / Musica nova Helsinki

Tribute to Pan Sonic was a project of electronic and experimental music of Korvat auki – a society for contemporary music in collaboration with Helsinki Philharmonic and Musica Nova Helsinki festival.

The goal of the project was to bring together from different artistic backgrounds musicians, who share electronic music as a medium of artistic exploration, to collaborate. Eight Finnish composers, musicians and sound artists from various musical backgrounds worked in four working pairs to create new electronic or electro-acoustic works. The working pairs worked together with musicians from Helsinki Philharmonic to perform the works. The project was a tribute to Finnish pioneer group of experimental music Pan Sonic.

Main focus of artistic exploration in the project was electronic music and (music) technology. How do they appear as ways of new kinds of artistic expression, bringing artists from many backgrounds together. The theme manifested in experimental instrument building, algorithm based strategies for composition and in questions such as: What’s the relationship of human and technology? How can we interpret new innovations such as industrialised production of insects for food through art?

The works were performed February 1st 2019 in an after the concert club series “Encounters” of Helsinki Philharmonic. The event was the opening club of Musica Nova Helsinki 2019.

New works performed in the project:

Ilpo Jauhiainen & Petteri Mäkiniemi: Music for Pan Sonic Tribute Concert

Haruspex duo (Ava Grayson & Tuomas Ahva): A’

Jouni Hirvelä & Atte Häkkinen: Laser Nocturne

Tytti Arola & Thorkell Nordal: About crickets

Musicians from Helsinki Philharmonic in the concert:
Ville Hiilivirta, horn
Joonas Seppelin, horn
Heikki Nikula, clarinet and bass clarinet
Jaani Helander, cello
Xavi Castelló Aràdinga, percussion

The project team from Korvat auki for the project: Janne Kivistö, Anne Teikari, Niilo Tarnanen

The project was supported by Musiikin edistämissäätiö and Taike.

Musiikin edistämissäätiö

Recordings from the concert:

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